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Anna Khomko
Art Tutor

Anna Khomko is an artist born in Moscow, Russia. After travelling the world, and having been especially attracted by the beauty of New Zealand’s flora and fauna, Anna settled in Auckland in 2017, where she now gives private art lessons for adults and children, participates in exhibitions, and explores the healing abilities of the creative process through art therapy sessions.

Anna is still fascinated by the variety of native natural life in New Zealand, and this is the driving force behind her painting. Inspiration for her abstract landscapes and organic sketches comes from her careful observation of the environment and its living beings.

Painting is a vital process for Anna – it’s a research, a meditation, a visual expression of emotions captured in a variety of mediums, mostly in watercolour, acrylic and ink. She similarly applies this consideration of colour and composition to her floristry and photography work. When exploring new places, Anna never misses a chance to capture some of the outdoors, whether with her brush, her camera or simply by taking a leaf home for further study.  

Anna believes strongly in guiding the individual to achieve their desired outcome, encouraging them to express their ideas and responding to their specific needs. Although Anna has a strong personal style, particularly in watercolour, she would rather teach a student the skills to effectively realise their creation than suggesting they create using a specific method or medium.