"Yes!!!!!" was the response I got from Chris Knox when we asked him to champion this appeal to help support people affected by Stroke.  Chris Knox suffered a stroke himself, at the height of his career as a musician and artist, and is well aware of the devastating effects of a sudden onset of disability.

Stroke can affect anyone, any age, at any time, with devastating effects


Māpura Studios offer an intensive 12 week Stroke Art Therapy course, and have been doing so every year since 2010 at no cost to participants. Many have benefited from this life changing course and have gone on to reclaim their lives.  Some even develop new found skills further in the "Arts Transition" and "Leading a Creative Life" classes and find a new identity as artists.


Right now a 23 year old builder, a 35 year old, and a 40 year old businesswoman are just three of the six people in real need of financial support to continue their Stroke Art Therapy rehabilitation at Māpura Studios.


We ask for your support for these people to continue on to "Arts Transition" class, and for Māpura Studios to provide the valuable Stroke Art Therapy programme in 2017.

Being a medical condition, Stroke Affect does not receive the same financial support that similar sudden onset of disability would attract from ACC through an accident.  The suddenly reduced financial status heavily impacts families and their support communities, as well as the individual at the time of greatest need, adding to the social and emotional trauma of physical and/or cognitive impairment. 

 With no direct government funding, Māpura Studios is reliant on the generosity of donors, philanthropic trusts and fundraising to provide programmes such as this and subsidise class fees for the other 15 programmes we provide to over 175 children, teens and adults with diverse and often complex disabilities who attend each week.


We simply can't do it without your support.


For more information on the Stroke Art Therapy programme  | 09 845 5361  |


To discuss Payroll GivingSponsorship, or making a Bequest to support our work, please contact Jenny Hutchings on or ph: 0274 058 260

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