Cath O'Brien
Art Tutor

Cath has a Bachelor of Visual Arts from AUT and is also a Registered Nurse. She developed a passion for making spaces for children’s creativity around 7 years ago and has been doing this ever since. Two years ago she founded Make Like a Tree, which is all about children’s creativity with a focus on kinetic learning through sustainability and reusing materials.  She now hosts classes, workshops and holiday programmes full time for children aged 5-12. This year she opened her first studio called Make Room where she practices as well as hosting making, creating and art sessions for children. All materials and tools are readily at hand allowing children the freedom of self-directed making.

Children naturally create installation, interactive and performance art and Cath is beginning to facilitate groups of children to bring this art into the public sphere.

As an artist she is interested in all things ephemeral and transient and uses art making to explore her own life experiences through drawing, photography and clay.


Banner image: Matthew Tucker, Infinity, 2014