Colouring Life - Art from Māpura Studios Artists

Tuesday, Feb 19 - Sunday, March 10, 2019

@ Estuary Arts Centre
214B Hibiscus Coast Highway

orewa hero copy.jpg

Fri 22 Feb 5-7pm

Well-being through connection…. 

The body of this exhibition was created last year from participants in a class called "Creative Living for Health and Wellbeing". In the class we use creative processes to make sense of and support the healing of trauma, life impacting experiences such as stroke, grief and depression. People work together sharing experiences in a supportive and relaxed environment in a room pregnant with laughter and occasionally tears.

Artists explored printmaking, drawing, painting and sculptural processes, working inside a structured program initially. As the year progressed each artist developed an independent subject choice and preferred methodology

The work in this show demonstrates a free exploration of feeling, shape and colour.  Form as memories are investigated while new pathways of thought and perception explored through the sensory nature of colour. Sometimes it’s just about relearning the nuts and bolts of doing; things that we might take for granted like how to cut a shape draw a star or write a word.

As creativity and wellness collide, the work demonstrates a certain resilience of the human condition in its playful invention and depth of intent.