Arts Transition


Enquiries & enrolments
Contact: Alecia Steel
P: 09 845 5361 


The opportunity to engage in creative expression, and connect with a ‘like community’ is of immense value & support to participants following the trauma of stroke. Engaging in creativity rehabilitates, renews motivation & provides purpose in life.

Arts Transition is a focused programme that continues to support people making the transition from the Māpura Studios intensive Arts Therapy programme (which is aimed at people dealing with the initial trauma of sudden disability in stroke–affect), to eventual involvement in “Leading a Creative Life”, (a programme designed to assist people in their ‘new identity as practising visual artists’). 

Arts Transition involves regular group connecting, companioning, support and ongoing conversations re rehabilitation – and it offers a significant introduction to foundation skills in painting and drawing, enabling participants to develop a skill and knowledge base in visual arts.

Techniques and use of media, art vocabulary and methodology, are introduced and expanded. Participants are encouraged to begin to consider the content of their work based on personal narrative and self-expression – and to develop and research their own ideas, making relevant connections between their personal experience and their art making.

The work is deeply rehabilitative and therapeutic; it provides new meaning, creative industry, and life focus for people whose regular lives have imploded.

Many participants in this programme have experienced major strokes and are unable to return to work - some participants are facing debilitating illnesses such as cancer, or other life changing circumstance. All enquiries welcome.  

After my stroke it has given me a place to come that I feel ‘at home’. I could not live without it!
— Māpura Artist