Margaret Feeney
Art Tutor/
Tutor and Programme Coordinator for the Māpura Corrections Art Programme

MFA, BA (Art History)

Margaret is a practising artist and experienced art tutor. She has taught at universities, polytechnics and private art schools across New Zealand. A focus of her teaching practice is encouraging artists to embrace risk, accident and failure alongside intuition and orthodox research methods. This approach inspires courage and keeps the artist alert to the living project of discovery. Margaret enjoys the culture of warmth and inclusion at Mapura studios and the compelling work it produces.

Margaret’s art practice looks at modern industry’s short-circuiting of natural systems and its relationship with the modern market system. She is indiscriminate in her choice of materials and processes and strives for a sense of the ridiculous in her work as a parody of elite industrial and economic systems. She has exhibited in public and dealer galleries throughout New Zealand is represented by Caryl McKirdy at pop-up gallery Visual Culture in Wellington.

Banner image: Matthew Tucker, Infinity, 2014