Our Mission

To provide for people of diverse life experience to learn, grow and enhance their lives through creativity

Strategic Vision

Operate a sustainable, successful Centre delivering programmes & activities in the visual and expressive arts, and in arts therapy.

Initiate and deliver quality activities that empower, grow and resource people with disability and diversity to fulfil their creative potential.

Promote creative expression, spontaneity and the imaginative processes as life enhancing, life transforming agents that bring about holism and well-being.  

Disseminate our research in creativity into the wider community, contributing to sector development, and to personal, professional and social transformation.

I have learnt to make things I have never done before. I like new experiences….mastery. I CAN do this!
— Sian Thomas


Personal growth & well-being

  • grow the potential, capabilities and personal well-being of each participant through creative engagement
  • assert the premise that all people are capable of learning and progressing their knowledge and competencies in creative works
  • promote that ways of perception and expression are complex and diverse; and all are valid and of worth 

Programme development

  • provide an inclusive studio environment based in progressive, person-centred practices
  • deliver creative programmes and projects that contribute a sense of meaning, and purpose to the lives of participants
  • conceive and pilot, person-centred projects covering a range of visual arts learning, creative development and art therapy content matter

Professional /community development

  • contribute to training and mentoring initiatives that grow professional development opportunities for community art workers
  • undertake qualitative research and documentation that has relevance and application to wider context and community
  • initiate and deliver projects that progress the understanding and application of creative process and creative thinking as critical to holistic human development
  • acknowledge the importance of creative community; to foster community for Mapura Studios artists, and build relationships with the public with which it interfaces
  • grow the profile, recognition and resource for the ongoing delivery of Mapura Studios activities

Advocacy for disability arts

  • maintain a community based, exhibition and events calendar to raise the profile of Mapura Studios artists and advocate for disability arts
  • grow the positioning of such work within mainstream contemporary art contexts building artistic credibility and critical recognition of disability arts
  • advocate for diversity and inclusion – through demonstration of these principles, positively contribute to community integration and social change 

Underpinning these objectives is the understanding that the process of making art is in itself a path of self development.  The act of expressing oneself creatively, the critical thinking and intuiting inherent in creative-process, all inform and contribute to self awareness and wellbeing. This ‘creative articulation’, makes for a more innovative, meaningful, and harmonious community! 

Banner Image: Russell Julian, Abstract Shapes, 2013