Creative Music Group

WEDNESDAYS 1.00 - 2.30pm

Term 1, Jan 30 — April 10 (11 weeks)
Term 2, May 1 — July 3 (10 weeks)
Term 3, July 24 — Sep 25 (10 weeks)
Term 4, Oct 16 — Dec 11 (9 weeks)

Tutor: Stefan Neville

Cost: 10 weeks at $120

Enquiries & enrolments
Contact: Alex McPherson
P: 09 845 5361 

Join us for a sensory experience exploring music, sound and creativity. Jam with the art of noise to make soundscapes, songs and audio atmospheres. Create recordings, CDs and websites to share your creations and extend your practice. Design CD covers, posters and web pages to accompany your music. Perform live in front of an audience.
This collaborative, “give it a go” programme is open to all ages and abilities. No previous musical experience or skill is necessary. Voice, soul, instinct, melody, rhythm, repetition and variation expressed using simple traditional instruments alongside absolutely anything that can make a sound. Participants will be encouraged to lose themselves in sound, experimentation, play, spontaneity and intuition. Tell a story, listen, sing, play an instrument, dance, cry, laugh – it is all possible. 

To enquire further, please contact Alex at Māpura Studios on 09 845 5368 or 022 0454 391