Allyson & Attitude 2017

The Attitude Awards celebrate the achievements of people who live with disabilities. Celebrate with a black tie, gala event at Auckland's ANZ Viaduct Events Centre on Thursday, 9th November.

Congratulations to Allyson Hamblett, finalist 2017 Attitude Awards.

Born with cerebral palsy, which affects her speech and mobility, Allyson Hamblett was accustomed to being singled out as different. She fought hard to attend university and qualified as a librarian but struggled to be fully accepted and find work.

"I've been an artist at Māpura Studios for about 14 years.  I love being able to create an image that has depth and perspective.  It still fascinates me how artists can transform a piece of canvas. I particularly like portraiture, but have painted landscapes and cityscapes.  I love the creative process as much as seeing the finished artwork".