Good Eh? Panel Discussion...

Extremely informative panel discussion of unconscious bias last night Good Eh?  Studio One, Toi Tū.

Unconcious bias is real. It is the fear of difference. Something outside the box, outside the norm.

Whether we have physical, psychological, intellectual or mental differences or challenges we should be embracing our similarities, what we share and our abilities.

You can't put someone in a box and you can't measure the success of an artist by monetary values only. All artists and poets start as outsiders. Who is it in society to say that one is worth more than another?


A big thanks to Moderator:  actor/ writer Peter Feeney & Panellists: 
* John Perry artist and Outsider Art curator             * Karen Janiszewska: parent of Māpura artist Halina
* Tim Melville director of the Tim Melville Gallery    * Erica Tiedemann Māpura artist
* Richard Northey local politician                             * Dr Molly Mullen academic

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