Spark Artist Profile: Madeleine Wilson

Allyson Hamblett profiles fellow artist Madeleine Wilson:


Madeleine Wilson first came to Mapura Studios in 2004.  Her sister found out about Mapura through the website.  Madeleine did art at school, and wanted to continue her creative endeavours.  She took a break from Mapura for a few years, but the creative energy of Mapura brought her back.  Her body of work shows how dedicated she is as an artist.

She does a range of work, but has a particular passion for creating New Zealand’s landscapes on canvas.  She likes the mountainous shapes of New Zealand that allow her to create depth and perspective; bringing the images to life. Inspired by Vincent Van Gough, the palette Madeleine uses helps draws the viewer into her art work; making the viewer question what they see, but at the same time instantly connect with the image.  Madeleine’s work is very strong and striking.

Her work also includes portraiture – work that also draws the viewer in. In 2012 she did a series of portraits based on her favourite singing group, ABBA.

Madeleine had a piece of art exhibited in the recent Kaleidoscope exhibition at the Bruce Mason Centre and had a work highly commended (“Floral Window”) in Wellington last year, in an art competition.  She got to stay at a hotel near Te Pa Pa and enjoyed the recognition as an artist.


Banner image: Olive Orchard, Madeleine Wilson, 2014