Mapura Staff Profile: Ian Moore

Ian Moore is the Exhibition Co-ordinator at Mapura Studios and plays a pivotal role in showcasing the creativity of Mapura artists “Representing Mapura Studios is a powerful way for our artists to make a statement of their own artistic standing, credibility and critical recognition” says Ian.

Ian Moore and Lizzie Collenette

Ian Moore and Lizzie Collenette

At Mapura Studios there is considerable emphasis on artists creating their own work in their own style. Our art tutors offer assistance with creative thinking and technical knowledge, which enable works to be created that contain the image, narrative or feeling that each artist wishes to convey as they take their own creative journey.

Through this process resolved and accomplished artworks are produced from which a selection can be made to form an interesting and engaging exhibition.

There is always the question of a title for an exhibition which in Ian’s view should represent the work and/or intrigue viewers to look into the works on display, the same way as you would make the title for a painting.

During the hanging of an exhibition Ian takes time to place works in just such a way that it is inviting and has a visual balance. Each individual art work can be viewed independently, yet in harmony with the other works around the exhibition and the gallery space.

Ian enjoys his work at Mapura, “Raising the profile of our artists in contemporary art making and witnessing the personal growth and expression of our artists would be what I like most about Spark”.