Spark Artist Profile: Pearl Schomburg

Pearl Schomburg has been attending Spark Centre for about 5 years, and discovered this wonderful place through her local newspaper. Pearl sees art making as very therapeutic and found that Spark was a place she could effectively deal with life challenges.

Pearl Schomburg in the Studio

Pearl Schomburg in the Studio

Pearl’s life had become very narrow and quite lonely due to health challenges and it was very hard to be positive about the future.  Her counsellor had suggested Art Therapy as the next possible step in her healing process. After visiting and talking with the tutors at Spark, Pearl decided it was the perfect place to explore her creativity as a tool on her journey towards wellbeing.  Once a week Pearl is now amongst wonderful inspiring people and has experienced some great moments of personal achievement.

Pearl believes that creativity has a positive and powerful healing effect on the mind and the body. Sometimes her paintings are just about enjoying 'paint' and trying to focus on something other than my current pain and frustration. Other times they contain symbols and expressions that are heartfelt ramblings that Pearl deals with through her art making.
Pearl studied as a Ritual Maker and Celebrant through AUT, and crosses appear as a common theme throughout her art work. She also sees spirituality as an important part in her creative process.

The opportunity to be of service to others in Pearl’s class presents itself frequently and she really enjoys being able to help. “I believe Spark provides a wonderful supportive environment that assists each student to reach their full potential.” Pearl is looking forward to producing more art this year.

Banner image: Hazel, Pearl Schomburg, 2013