Spark's Kaleidoscope

On view in 2 parts at the Bruce Mason Centre is an exhibition of work by 24 artists that reflects the kaleidoscope of shifting styles, personalities and perspectives present at Spark.

Olive Orchard, by Madeleine Wilson

Olive Orchard, by Madeleine Wilson

Exhibitions Coordinator Ian Moore and the other Spark tutors, work with artists to select pieces to include in an exhibition. Ian looks for work which possesses a feeling of authenticity; that reflects the individual’s style and artistic interests

A key objective of Spark is to raise our artists’
profile within the wider community, and mounting
an exhibition in public venues such as The Bruce
Mason Centre is one of these ways. Regular
exhibitions give Spark artists structure, with
deadlines to work towards as well as the valuable
experience of presenting an artwork in a public

Kaleidoscope is open April 1 – 16 and May 19 –
June 3 at the Bruce Mason Centre. Recommended
visiting hours are 9 – 5 weekdays to avoid busy
events. The Bruce Mason Centre has plenty of
disability parking available.