Mapura Staff Profile: Allyson Hamblett

Allyson in front of her work in the  Visual Perceptions  exhibition at The Pah Homestead

Allyson in front of her work in the Visual Perceptions exhibition at The Pah Homestead

Allyson Hamblett is the Media Assistant at Mapura Studios, a new position created this year.  The role includes managing the digital catalogue the artists’ work, and assisting with writing the newsletter and blog.  She says she particularly enjoys writing artist profiles, because she recognises this is a very good way to get their stories out there; stories that often go unheard. 

Allyson is involved with many community organisations, including CCS Disability Action.  She’s very committed to trying to bring about positive social change and sees her work writing articles for Mapura newsletters as a wonderful way to affect that change.

Sticking to prescribed word counts can be challenging for Allyson as the artists’ backgrounds are so interesting and complex, and their stories often can’t be captured in a few paragraphs.

 The position suits Allyson because she really enjoys writing; a medium that allows her to be very articulate. 

Allyson discovered Mapura  in 2002 through a friend who worked at Focus 2000.  She thought she would give Mapura a go, not really knowing how to paint.  It was great when she was offered a job at Mapura, because she had given up finding employment.

Allyson has been on staff since 2006, but started as a student in 2002.  She is in a unique position to write student profiles for the perspective of wearing both these hats.