Artist Profile: Lynette Loye

Lynette Loye at Mapura

Lynette Loye at Mapura

Allyson Hamblett profiles fellow artist, 
Lynette Loye

Lynette Loye says that life has never been the same since she began attending Mapura Studios about 7 years ago.  Māpura has allowed Lynette to learn and extend her creative self, and she says she would be lost without it.

Lynette particularly loves the way Māpura art tutorIan Moore explained how to draw and paint portraits.   Lynette recently exhibited her work in a portraiture exhibition over at North Art in Northcote.  

Currently Lynette is extending her "Chandelier" series, but instead of looking at photos of chandeliers she now creates the images from her mind.  She loves the colour, light and sparkle of the chandeliers and was inspired to capture the images on canvas. Lynette's preferred medium is  acrylic paint on canvas, as she loves the strength of canvas.

Lynette uses her art as a way of changing societies perception of disability.  She says that people see the way disabled people walk and talk, or use wheelchairs or walkers, and make assumptions which are completely wrong.  She even created an art book at Mapura about 5 years ago about her life and childhood. 

“I want New Zealand to know that disabled people have more knowledge than ordinary people”.