Spark Centre Tutor Profile Kerry-Ann Stanton: The Artist in Movement

Kerry-Ann Stanton (front right) in The Artist in Movement programme

Kerry-Ann Stanton (front right) in The Artist in Movement programme

Allyson Hamblett asks Kerry-Ann a few questions about the Artist in Movement programme that she co-facilitates on Monday afternoons at Spark Centre.

AH: How would you describe The Artist in Movement to somebody new?

K-AS: This is a session where we play with music and movement.  We aim to get a body sense of the theme of the art making.  So, for example, this term we are exploring suspension by using music that pauses and swings.  The music and movement is a fun way to warm up to art making as well.

AH: You graduated (with Distinction) with a post-graduate Diploma in Dance Studies in 2014, why did you decide to study Dance?

K-AS: I wanted to somehow combine my love of dancing with my working life, if possible.  I wasn’t sure how to do this but thought that going back to University and studying with the Dance Studies Department would be interesting.  It was both very interesting and very challenging. 

AH: Why did you choose Spark Centre to be part of your study? 

K-AS: I chose Spark Centre because Suzanne Vesty (Spark Centre Director) and I were keen to trial a movement and artistic programme. We felt that the experience of embodying the music and movement might somehow translate into a different experience of art making.  It would be a new form of creative expression for the artists to explore.

AH:  How much of The Artist in Movement class is focussed on movement, and how much of the class is focussed on translating that movement into visual art?

K-AS: We spend about 45 minutes with each activity.  Last week we danced in the Irish Society Hall, and then came back to the Spark studio and kept moving (with music) through a number of suspended materials in the studio, like feathers, chains and plastic.  We did art making for about 30 minutes.

AH: What have you noticed about the dancers / artists who attend The Artist in Movement?

K-AS: I experience the dancers / artists who attend The Artist in Movement as brave, enthusiastic and creative. It is great when their care givers join in too.  It feels like a happy party when we all join in.

AH: What do you enjoy the most about The Artist in Movement class? 

K-AS: I enjoy the obvious pleasure that the group take from the music and movement section.  Everyone joins in as best they can. I am intrigued by the art making that follows, with the artists very clear about their choice of colours or style of art making.

More information about this programme can be found on our website here