International Women's Day exhibition at CCS Disability Action, Auckland

Last weekend Spark Centre  presented an exhibition of work by artists Allyson Hamblett, Dale Murcott, Antonia Nicoll, Tui Parr, Pearl Schomburg, Christina Van der Hooft and Madeleine Wilson as part of CCS Disability Action's International Women’s day event. The works sat on easels in the beautiful gardens of CCS, adjacent to their fantastic ‘Dig It’ accessible community organic gardens.

The artists, their friends and supporters attended the event, with visiting speakers from Australia, Susan Salthouse the Convenor of women with Disabilities ACT, and Keran Howe executive director of Women with Disabilities Victoria, who spoke about their work empowering and enhancing the lives of disabled women. Tanya Black from the Spark Centre Board also spoke about the benefits of giving voice to women living with disabilities through creative expression.