Mapura Studios Volunteer: Stefan Neville

By Allyson Hamblett

I caught up with our newest volunteer Stefan Neville, who began to volunteer in March of this year. It wasn't long, however, before Mapura Studios staff became aware of how much had to offer, which led to a facilitators position for Stefan in our Transition class. Stefan still volunteers in Mapura Studios Tuesday morning class when he can.

Stefan worked at IDEA Services for 4 years as part of the Day Services team. He occasionally dropped people off at Mapura Studios, he thought the centre seemed like the "coolest place" and knew he'd like to work here. "Mapura Studios seemed to me a fantastic environment, the artists are amazing and the art work is amazing… love how the staff and artists love to be here".

Stefan currently works at Health Care NZ as a support worker where he is supporting a man who has had a stroke. Stefan has worked in a variety of jobs, "trying to pay the rent", while maintaining his interest as a musician and artist.  He’s worked in offices, shops, farms and galleries.

Stefan has been a musician since he was 16 and plays "weird rock music".  He enjoys sharing his process and approach to music making by teaching music to disabled people – although Stefan sees it as “making music, rather than teaching it”. Some of the music can be found here

Stefan also enjoys working as an artist – drawing comics, illustrations and print making.

Find out more about volunteering for Mapura Studios [link to volunteer page]


Stephin and Kay