'Hush and Hum' at the Pah Homestead

We are thrilled to be presenting a selection of work by Mapura Studios artists Athol Crosby, Rosalie Davey, Maxine Morgan, John Puhara, Mary Sanderson, Matthew Tucker, and Mark Warner at the Pah Homestead, TSB WAllace Arts Centre June 9 - July 19.

The exhibition entitled Hush and Hum focuses on art works which contain different approaches to narrative and story telling. With each work, the artists motive and method for constructing narrative is diverse, inspired by personal histories, passions, an abstracted thought or emotion.

Over time and under the guidance of Mapura Studios arts facilitators, each artist has explored and examined the world around them. They have made sense of their reality, either cognitively or intuitively, and through their sensory perceptions. The artist has developed their own unique expressive visual language and established a particular style of working.