STATEMENT: Allyson Hamblett

Mapura artists talk about their work.

My sister's Village, Little Hucklow, 2014

Allyson Hamblett, My sister’s Village, Little Hucklow, 2014

I have been making art for twelve years. Over the last few years I’ve enjoyed painting ‘figures in place’; focusing on the background as much as the figure in the foreground. I’ve been inspired by this type of art by several portraiture courses and a “figures in place” course at Mapura Studios.  I’ve also enjoyed creating city-scapes.  Creating depth and perspective motivates my art making.

The landscape, “My sister’s Village, Little Hucklow” was an important work for me to do, because it was based on my 2013 trip to England to see my sister and her family.  Technically I loved creating the work; blending shades of green into the work to create the illusion of a landscape, and then the red phone box that made the art work sing. 

I’ve also created several works that have a political edge to them; trying to make people think about the state of society around them. I want to communicate ideas concerning social connections, connections with family and friends – and political messages about the way society has become through my art - I have a strong sense of social justice, and am a human rights activist.

I’m amazed by the ability of artists to turn a two dimensional piece of canvas into something one could walk into - painting objects that come to life. My ideas have changed over time; from city to urban scapes, to portraiture and figures in place.  My style has developed as I’ve gained more knowledge in how to mix colours, brush stroke techniques, and used different media.  For example, pastels can create great finishing touches to a work.