STATEMENT: Dale Murcott

Māpura artists talk about their work.

Dale Murcott,  Alicante , 2014

Dale Murcott, Alicante, 2014

 “I painted this scene for three reasons: for the stunning colours, because I visited this place – Alicante in Spain – in my 20s, and because I thought it would really push me.”

Dale uses the internet to find source material for her works: “I use the internet as a skeleton.” These skeleton images are developed during the painting process to something unique. While the source usually remains recognisable, Dale’s renderings favour atmosphere over accurate representation.

“I want to prompt a response from people viewing my work, hopefully a positive one. It’s humbling to have people react to your work, something so personal. It’s also a pat on the back! But humbling.”

This is Dale's 3rd year at Mapura Studios. “I’ve grown so much, and I’m not finished yet. If I was to give any advice it would be to just give it a go! I never thought in a million years I could do this. Use your own measures, be your own judge – you might surprise yourself.”