STATEMENT: Rosalie Davey

Mapura artists talk about their work.


Rosalie Davies, Television, 2015. Water soluble pencil on card. 

Television, TV, TV2.
Rosie’s TV, TV, Rosie’s new TV.
’ve had it a long time. It has a light and it goes off by itself. I turn it off. I like to draw pictures on our TV, I like cartoons.
When I turn it off, it has to stay off for a while.
I like watching things on TV, I saw Mermaids and Country Road show on TV.
My Dad used to love his TV at home.
Sarah bought me my TV for my birthday. I have it on now and again, but not on all of the time.
hen I put my TV on I like watching what I like watching, not the stuff that I don’t like watching.