Artist profile: Chris Baxter

Artist Profile: Chris Baxter


Allyson Hamblett profiles fellow artist, Chris Baxter


Chris Baxter

Chris Baxter

Chris Baxter has been coming to Māpura Studios for 8 or 9 years, and has become a prolific artist.  Chris loves drawing and painting eagles, cockatoo’s owls and horses.  He loves creating their shape on canvas.  And did I mention Chris absolutely loves motorbikes.

Chris has two sisters, 2 nephews  as well as 15 cousins.  One of his sisters is also an artist.   Chris loves horse-riding and indoor bowls.  He  won two medals at the Special Olympics a couple of years ago.

One motorbike painting was based on the picture on his tee-shirt.

Chris does Open Studio Three on Thursday afternoon at Māpura.  He gets a day off work, mowing lawns, and finds Māpura is a place where he has a space to create and relax.  He loves the creative energy of the studio.

The Open Studio programmes provide a simple, dynamic format for art activities. They offer a supportive, empathetic learning environment for artists to develop a sense of creative community and to be involved in creative industry and activities that have meaning and purpose.

In the Open Studio’s, art tutors / therapists encourage artists to be self-directed, to explore content of personal interest and significance, and to develop their own, unique style.  Artists are given guidance in the use of media and techniques. They are encouraged to try out new and different ideas and mediums, and where appropriate, are introduced to professional artist-models as points of reference. Artists are encouraged to express the things they feel and think - and to tell their personal narratives through the language of visual imagery. The facilitation is person-centred and accommodates each artist’s unique experience and perception.


Chris is very proud of the work he creates at Māpura and loves having his work displayed through Mapura Studios Exhibition Programme.