Chris Baxter, Untitled, 2015

Chris Baxter, Untitled, 2015

"My name is Chris, I am a good artist.  I am proud of me and my art.  I like to draw cars, motor bikes, horses and dogs. I have been making art for many years.

My art is really good.  I like racing cars.  I like writing words, I like drawing dogs and horses.  Amazing, I do all sorts myself! I like making art about all my favourite things. I bring pictures of cars, motorbikes, horses and dogs to Māpura Studios and draw from them.

I like paint and colouring pencils. I am very good.  I enjoy being an artist.

The art is part of me.  My big sister is proud of me.  I enjoy coming here.  They give me materials, they’re good.

I love it, art."