Artist profile: Leanne Clatworthy

Allyson Hamblett profiles fellow artist Leanne Clatworthy.

Leanne Clatworthy in the studio

Leanne Clatworthy in the studio

Leanne Clatworthy has been attending Māpura Studios for about 5 years.  She enjoys drawing and collage and likes making cards.  Leanne finds making art relaxing, and draws inspiration from the natural environment as well as from books. Leanne currently attends Open Studio 3 on Thursday afternoon.

In the Open Studios, art tutors / therapists encourage artists to be self-directed, to explore content of personal interest and significance, and to develop their own unique style.  Artists are given guidance in the use of media and techniques. They are encouraged to try out new and different ideas and mediums, and where appropriate, are introduced to professional artist-models as points of reference. Artists are encouraged to express the things they feel and think - and to tell their personal narratives through the language of visual imagery. The facilitation is person-centred and accommodates each artist’s unique experience and perception.

Leanne Clatworthy,  Lizard , 2016

Leanne Clatworthy, Lizard, 2016

At the end of each Open Studio 3 the class gets together in a circle to talk about their art work.  Leanne loves this opportunity to share what she’s been working on and gains inspiration from the other artists.   

Leanne is preparing for her third wearable arts competition.  She’s making an octopus costume for the current show.  Last time Leanne made a potato chip costume made from potato chip packets, and the year before she made a skirt from foam noodles that are used for additional buoyancy and water aerobics. 

Leanne feels proud when she’s had her art pieces selected for exhibitions through the Māpura Studios Exhibition Programme.  She’s gained more independence since coming to Māpura, and as well as making art, Leanne loves the social aspects of Māpura Studios.

“What a great place this is”, says Leanne.