Yung Chen, On the Windwall, 2015

Yung Chen, On the Windwall, 2015

I like art.  I never knew how to do colour.  When I used to go to school I did not know what art was. I have been making art for about nine years.

My art is using a lot of different colours all the time, and I always do something different.

I want people to feel more relaxed, more peaceful - and I want them to have a different idea of what I am doing.

I look at everywhere, looking around at everything to get ideas how to do my art.

I have developed different techniques and ideas.

Being an artist gives me an identity.  I tell people what I can do.  Anywhere in the world can see what I can do.

Māpura Studios has given me more input and ideas and helps me a lot with back up of what I want to do. There are more friends, more people to help - more ideas are wonderful.