Artist Profile: Natalie Heitmann

Allyson Hamblett profiles fellow artist, Natalie Heitmann

Natalie Heitmann has been attending Māpura Studios for two and a half years.  She goes to the Leading a Creative Life class on Thursday morning.


Leading a Creative Life provides a supportive, instructive and stimulating environment for people living with stroke-affect (or similar disability), to develop a strong visual arts practice. Twice a term there will be a workshop or a tutorial that focuses on the learning requirements of the group and individual learning needs; once a term a guest ‘professional’ artist will present on their arts practice. The remaining time is ‘open studio’ where participants work independently and are self directed in their choice of content and subject matter. Tutors provide on going input regarding methodologies, techniques, media and guidance re subject matter so artists are supported in the on going progression of their art making capabilities and knowledge base.

Natalie likes creating “All things related to memory – Georgian landscapes and family.  The stroke caused me to lose the ability to play the piano.   I was a concert pianist.  Painting and drawing allows me to access some of the feelings that music brought me”

Georgia’s Blessing

Georgia’s Blessing

Natalie is inspired to make art by “The ability to express my feelings.  I used to express my feelings through playing the piano.  Now I can do this through painting and drawing.”

Natalie has been creative “from very early childhood.  I started playing the piano when I was 6 or so.  My father dreamed he would have a child who was musical.”

Natalie makes art at home, as well as Māpura.