at Mairangi Arts Centre

15th March - 2nd April 2017

Humanity is diverse and often pre-judged through ignorance and intolerance, however the commonalities of our human condition are such that we all gain a sense of belonging and response to connection and acceptance.

Artists have long enjoyed the privilege of transcending societal norms that have prevailed at various times throughout history, challenging, provoking and enriching cultures. Through this process a sense of who we are and what we represent can give a voice within the wider community. We have a feeling of comfort within the familiar and often if there is a paradigm shift in our perception that feeling becomes unsettling.

Differences at times can be both a confrontation and revelation of ideas, in an ever changing and diverse world. For us to move on from celebrating this diversity to embrace inclusion is often a challenge, a matter of compromise, give and take.

Tolerance and appreciation are often needed for acceptance to occur without prejudicial judgement. Only then can we discover that mutual enjoyment can be celebrated by sharing ideas, concepts and narratives that alters and enriches all of our perceptions. It becomes our taonga. 

We become inclusive.

This exhibition is an all-inclusive collaboration of our artists and staff with connections to Mapura Studios

"Eagle" by Michael Nathan

"Eagle" by Michael Nathan


 Exhibition by Māpura Studios Students & Staff  

‘Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.’ -Confucius