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Stefan Neville
Arts / Music Facilitator 

Stefan is an experienced Musician, Artist and Community Support Worker. He sees his role at Māpura Studios as an incredible opportunity to combine all three of those passions. 

As a self-taught musician on a wide range of instruments Stefan has been creating, performing, recording and releasing records for over 20 years. In bands, collaborations and as a solo artist he has toured extensively throughout New Zealand, Australia, USA, Europe and Japan. 

Stefan's visual art practice has long complemented his music making providing images for album covers, posters and T shirts. He has self published comics/art books and has had work included in international comics anthologies. His work exhibited in NZ and Australia includes drawings, printmaking, paintings, sound works and multi media installations.  

He is a qualified level 3 Community Support Worker. Stefan worked for Idea Services providing creative programs, activities and personal care for a West Auckland day service for 4 years. He also works providing home support for Healthcare NZ. 

Banner image: Matthew Tucker, Infinity, 2014