"The End of
Comic Island"

Comic & Zine Exhibition

@ Massey University
Te Pikitanga at the Library
from 27 May - 4 June. 

Photos Courtesy Tim Danko
Featuring Artwork by Allegra Udjur, Trevor Bull, Kaan Saritepe, Theodore Walker, Rene Astle, Matthew Allerby & Shaw Anderson. Curated by Tim Danko.

Tim Danko has been making underground comics and art zines for over 30 years (!) He is currently part of an artist collective called TV Competition: FutureFutureFuture based in Auckland at Màpura Studios. Consisting of A4 drawings pinned to the walls, shelves of cartooning group publications and a glass case of original sketchbooks the exhibition is at Te Pikitanga , Massey University Library from 27 May - 4 June. 

"TV COMPETITION : FUTURE FUTURE FUTURE is a comic group that has grown from the artists associated with Màpura Studios (http://www.mapurastudios.org.nz/). It is a randomised powerhouse, generating personalised strategies of owning culture at large through inhabiting slips, spills, gaps and margins left aside."
— Tim Danko

The publications that TV Comp make are some of the most artful, freedom-filled drawings I've seen on paper in recent times. I curated their work into the New Zealand showcase at the Rrreplica publishing symposium in to Mexico City last December and were a smash hit!
— Kerry Ann Lee

TV COMPETITION : FUTURE FUTURE FUTURE drawings and published works can be seen here in their hardcopy yearbook: http://www.blurb.com/books/8047097-annuum-mapura

And here on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tvcompetition/

and is purchasable from Màpura Studios.
email alex@maurastudios.org.nz for a copy.