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Bailey at Māpura Studios

Bailey at Māpura Studios

Since 2012 Mapura Studios has been contracted to deliver unique programmes aimed at Very High Needs (VHN) youth who are making the transition from school. Regular programmes have been conceived by the Māpura Studios team and delivered to small groups from Carlson School for Cerebral Palsy.

This innovative work utilises a range of expressive mediums and sensory stimulus, including visual art (painting, drawing, 3-D construction), dance-movement, rhythm, percussion and sound. An integrative, combination of these art forms is used to stimulate and initiate an expressive response and interaction from participants. Different creative ways to communicate personal experience, stimulate levels of self-expression and increase range of movement are explored. Many of the activities elicit group interaction and response.

Participants are each accompanied by their care workers, who support their client to take part in all the activities. A team of two arts facilitators / therapists work intensely and deliberately to draw the participants into a fluid exploration and creative expression that extends the VHN youth to the edge of their capabilities. The work involves a high degree of spontaneity as facilitators work in a dynamic and interactive way. Facilitators ensue that everything that occurs within these programmes is safe, sensitive and responsive to participants needs.  Participants delight in the extent to which they can express themselves outside of their usual parameters.

The programmes are interactive, engaging, stimulating, sensory informative - and great fun!


  • Opportunity for creative expression
  • Extension of usual physical & emotional parameters
  • Engagement in new and stimulating experiences
  • Involvement in meaningful, creative activities
  • Sense of social connection and belonging
  • Increased well-being

Ongoing opportunities for VHN & HN Youth

A number of youth from these specialist programmes go on to attend other Māpura programmes such as the Tuesday morning Introduction to Studio Practice – and Open Studio One, Two or Three.