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'5 Perspectives' at Northart Gallery

5 Perspectives

Matthew Allerby, Lizzie Collenette, Lynette Loye, Matthew Tucker and Jeremy Younger

As students at Spark Centre each of these artists has developed their own style of working. Matthew Allerby, Lizzie Collenette, Lynette Loye, Matthew Tucker and Jeremy Younger each make considered abstracted works, in which the depiction of space, the surface of the work, and the use of pattern convey narrative and meaning.

 The paintings and prints selected for this exhibition work as a cohesive body of work, while at the same time offer the opportunity to see some very different perspectives on painting and image making. 

June 25 – July 2,

North Art gallery,
Glenfield shopping Centre,
North Shore Auckland.

Open 10am – 4pm, 7 days a week
Wheelchair accessible.