Teens Creative Therapy


Term 1, Jan 31 - April 11 (11 weeks)
Term 2, May 2 - July 4 (10 weeks)
Term 3, July 25 - Sep 26 (10 weeks)
Term 4, Oct 17 - Dec 19 (10 weeks)

Enquiries & enrolments
Contact: Alex McPherson
E: info@mapurastudios.org.nz 
P: 09 845 5361 

This programme is funded and supported by the ANZ Staff Foundation

This programme is funded and supported by the ANZ Staff Foundation

The Teen Programme provides an open studio format for teenagers of all abilities aged 12 (approx) years plus. Particular provision is made for teens with diverse and complex needs. All are welcome!

The Art Therapist and Art Facilitators work to progress individual art making skills and abilities, and to extend group-held, collective themes of interest on which to base subject matter for art making and creative projects. All sorts of novel ideas and innovative creations occur.

A supportive and safe environment is provided for teens to form sound and healthy relationships with one another. They are encouraged and guided in how to share and explore their creative ideas - much conversation and creative interaction between group members takes place.

This programme provides a safe and supportive environment, specifically tailored to the individual needs and abilities of each teenager in the group.

These sessions run on a weekly basis during term time and are ongoing.


  • Encouraging and supporting teenagers to express themselves creatively can increase self-esteem, and grow confidence and positive self-identity.

  • Creative activity stimulates imaginative thinking, develops artistic/fine motor skills, and promotes healthy self-expression. It will assist teenagers to engage in tasks, and become absorbed in creative projects. It will help with sensory regulation.