Māpura Exhibitions


Māpura Studios is deeply committed to the elevation of the arts practice and creativity of its artists.

Each year a calendar of events and potential exhibitions is established, and proposals are made to galleries.

The purpose of this incentive is to not only create the opportunity for artists to show their work to the public but to also raise the visibility of disabled artists and their work within the wider community. It also promotes public awareness of the work of Mapura Studios.

For many of our artists, their art is their voice.

Exhibitions take place in a variety of community galleries such as Studio One, The Lake House, Mairangi Arts Centre, and the Pah Homestead. Exhibitions also happen in such contexts as the Disability Resource Centre, the Albert-Eden Board rooms, at conferences and within cafes, etc.

Arts Administrator Alex McPherson for further information


It has opened up a whole new dimension to life. Using colour has brightened my live. I’ve made many friends along the way
— Leota Doo

Banner image: Collective Conversations, 2012. Artstation, Auckland, NZ