Internship placements


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As part of our philosophy of the importance of applied practice and experiential learning, Māpura Studios accepts applications for official internship placements from students attending learning institutions in such areas as arts therapy, social sciences, counselling services, and education. The placements provide an excellent opportunity for students to learn, grow and explore their emergent industries under formal supervision, and within a supportive team environment.

We have had students on placement from: Polytechnic University of Arts Therapy of Nürtingen, Germany; School of Visual Arts, New York: Master of Professional Studies in Art Therapy; Boston University Auckland Internship Programme; and Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design: Arts Therapy Clinical programme.


For any inquiries or expressions of interest either for ‘Other Contexts of Application’ or Internship Placements please contact the Director of Mapura Studios, Diana McPherson:

Māpura is onthe place in my life where it is safe to take risks and try new things, because there is no such thing as failure or mistake. I can make choices for myself and self advocate, knowing my decisions are always respected and heard.
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Banner image: Lynette Loye Objects of life, 2013