Māpura Mission & Vision

Our Cause

Changing lives through creativity

Our Purpose

To be a strong sustainable organisation with broad community involvement that enables people with disabilities to engage in innovative arts programmes that make a difference

Our Vision

To be widely renowned as an innovative and evolving organisation in the field of creative arts that is inclusive and empowering for people with disabilities.

Delivered in association with our community

Our values

Accepting, honouring & celebrating people for who they truly are and where they’re at.

Being brave, curious and creative in our drive to meet need.

Honest, ethical and considered thinking

A resilient, sustainable organisation, adaptable and creative towards change

Aiming high, with a culture of continuous improvement

through the creative process we enable self-discovery and growth, resourcing people and enriching lives

Inspiration, commitment fun, belief and love of the work

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Mapura Strategy image 1.jpg

Accomplished through our strategic pillars 2015 - 2018

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Achieved via

  • A focused public exhibition programme
  • Delivering strong arts & arts therapy programmes

  • Developing & leveraging existing & community partnerships


  • New approaches to designing & delivering innovative programmes & services
  • Supporting a team of dedicated, qualified & in-tune tutors

  • Research & regular evaluation

Maintaining a strong, positive reputation that is leveraged to generate resources for the organisation

Influenced by
Changing philanthropic environment, the needs of the community, effective governance, changing demographics, willingness to embrace disruption and change, embracing smart social enterprise business models, emerging research, advancing technologies, opportunities for collaboration, availability of experienced staff, sound policy and procedure, increasing complexity of disability, Our Vision and values are embodied, financial resourcing, attributes of the physical environment, Govt and local body policies

Banner Image: Russell Julian, Abstract Shapes, 2013