Past Māpura Exhibitions & Events


Māpura Studios Open Day 2019 (Saturday, 7 September 2019)

Fun was had by the whole family at our 2019 Open Day.

Awesome art, awesome cakes, music, dogs, kids, sausages, live painting & dancing

A great big Thankyou to all those who supported us


IHC Art Awards 2019 (Thursday 5th September 2019)

A massive congratulations to Māpura Studio’s Michael Nathan, who won the prestigious first prize at the 2019 IHC Art Awards.

The IHC Art Awards provides artists with an intellectual disability the opportunity to have their talent recognised, their voices heard and to sell their work. It highlights the talent and achievements of people with intellectual disabilities.

More info, details and Māpura Finalists here…

Sight Particle (8 Aug - 22 Aug 2019)
Satchi & Satchi & Satchi Gallery,93 The Strand, Parnell, Auckland

A collaboration between Satchi & Satchi & Satchi Gallery and Māpura Studios, a creative space that provides programmes and activities in visual arts practice, expression, dance-movement, music and art therapy for people living with diversity.

More info here….

InMotion - Matariki (Saturday July 6, 2019)
Silo Park,Wynyard Quarter, Auckland

Māpura Studios Artists were projected onto big screens at the Silo during InMotion Matariki parade, and artworks were on display along the route.

For Video projections, images and more info here…..

Press Any Key* (Jun 5 - Jul 4, 2019)
TOI TŪ - Studio One

Reflecting the plurality of artistic worlds fashioned day to day at Māpura, in this show our artists utilise a range of digital technologies alongside traditional media to construct an immersive, group-developed installation that inflects the digitally mediated surfaces of contemporary life with their own unique artistic sensibilities, forms of intelligence and experiences living with disability.
More info and images here….

Panel Discussion - Art: A Communicative Technology (June 20, 2019)
Toi Tu - Studio One

Communication is critical to our practice and research at Māpura Studios. The artists use a broad range of media to share their ideas. We are asking questions such as: how contingent is information on its medium? And how does technology affect how we relate to each other, and how we relate to information? More info and panelists….

‘I Feel Like I’m Not Here - I’m Right Here’ (April 7 - 17 2019)
Lake House Arts Centre

In this show, digital technologies, soundscape and portraits combine to communicate the politics around looking and also of being seen - how perception and experience are often unrelated. Charged emotion, a questioning of normalcy and bias, a challenge to societal assumptions around those differently gifted.

Click here for images and exhibition….

Colouring Life - Art from Māpura Studios Artists (Feb 19 - March 10, 2019)
Estuary Arts Centre

Well-being through connection…
The body of this exhibition was created last year from participants in a class called "Creative Living for Health and Wellbeing", using creative processes to make sense of and support the healing of trauma, life impacting experiences such as stroke, grief and depression.

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Different Shores: A Dawn of Comic Planet - New Cartooning from Māpura Studios Artists
February 9 - February 25, 2019) Mairangi Arts Centre

A survey of new forms of comic-making and narrative art by Māpura Studios artists, with particular focus on the Mairangi Bay North Shore and TV Competition: FutureFutureFuture cartooning groups.

Click here for more images and artworks….


Mana Taurite - Women's Suffrage Exhibition (November 24, 2018 -February 9, 2019)
Mangere Arts Centre - Ngā Tohu o Uenuku

Our artists, who live with diversity and disability, are at the forefront of that fight in daily battles today. But their commitment to their art practice transcends prejudice.

The mahi is dedicated to the courage and resilience of women’s suffrage, to the invention and adaptability that creates change. Everyone is welcome, nobody is left out.

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Xmas Party 2018 (Tuesday 11th Dec)

Awesome celebration of all our artists for fabulous year .

We had pizza, strawberries, music, dancing , song and more….

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Ako - Pah Homestead (November 13 - December 9, 2018)
Pah Homestead, TSB Wallace Arts Centre

Featuring the work of Ian Moore and Mapura Artists

Ako- in a reciprocal learning relationship teachers are not expected to know everything. In particular, ako suggests that each member of the classroom or learning setting brings knowledge with them from which all are able to learn.

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Māpura Studios Open Day 2018 (Saturday 3rd November 2018)

Family fun for everyone.
Check out our fabulous fundraising day. Thank you to all who came along.

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Interacting Festival 2018 Weaving Webs Performance (October 31 - November 2, 2018) Corbans Estate

Mapura Studios Performance Art Group in action: The InterAct Festival offers an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of disabled people in the arts and creates a pathway forward toward a thriving and vibrant future for Disability Arts in New Zealand.

View Performance…

Westfield October 2018 School Holiday Exhibition & Art Activities

In the October 2018 school holidays, we got out of the studio and into the mall! Westfield St Lukes, (centre court near Farmers and the Westfield School Holiday Programme).  Our artists’ work was on display – plus there was an opportunity for the kids to get stuck in with art activities. 
We hope to do it again in January 2019.

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Why Art Matters - Panel Discussion - Health & Wellbeing | Have Art, Be Happy - Pah Homestead TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre(14 August)

In collaboration with Pah Homestead, we explored what effect art making and art viewing can have on your well-being. When we engage in creative play or carefully observe an artwork, we also creating an opportunity for a transformative experience.

Andrew Young has been a leader in the healthcare sector for almost 20 years and firmly believes in the healing power of art in hospitals. Jimmy James Kouratoras has always worked with his hands and is descended from a long line of artisans, believes in the healing powers of art through personal experience.Diana McPherson is Director of Māpura Studios and talked about the work we do and believe in here at Māpura. Professor Suzanne Purdy is Head of the School of Psychology at the University of Auckland and Principal Investigator in the University of Auckland Centre for Brain Research (CBR) and the Brain Research New Zealand Centre of Research Excellence.


The End of Comic Island - Massey University,Te Pikitanga  (27 May - 4 June)

An exhibition of comics and zines by TV Competition: FutureFutureFuture based in Auckland at Màpura Studios.

Consisting of A4 drawings pinned to the walls, shelves of cartooning group publications and a glass case of original sketchbooks.

see more here...

Māpura Studios Annual Charity Auction 2018 (Saturday May 12)

A Great Big thank you to all our Supporters and Artists.

Featuring paintings, photography, sculpture, ceramics, whakairo, rāranga, glass, jewellery and original prints by renowned New Zealand Artists and Māpura Artists.

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for Auction Artworks and Images of the Live Auction Action...

Image: Mauri Ora, Jimmy James Kourataros (detail)

Imagining the Future Mt Albert/Eden Extravaganza (April 8)

Imagining the Future is a Community day led by Mapura Studios for all to enjoy with a special Art Competition to encourage local artists and creatives to create a vision for the future of Albert/Eden in 20 years time.

For winners and pics of the day and entry and fashion show images..

See more here...

Image : Shyroe Henry


Māpura Christmas Party 2017 (December 12)

Check out more fabulous videos by Yung Chen of our 2017 Xmas Party. We had great fun!

follow this link: Māpura Christmas Party 2017

Yes Maybe No - Uxbridge Centre for Arts and Culture (November 14 - December 2 2017)

A meeting room is a transient space hosting varying groups with specific agendas. Unlike the stark white void of the gallery, the meeting room commands a certain type of behavior from its visitors with its practical furniture, patterned carpets and serene atmosphere.

See more here.....

Colour Light - TSB Wallace Arts Centre - Pah Homestead (7 November - 10 December 2017)

Considered painterly application of these impressionistic works provide energetic colour abstractions, playing with material, light and composition.

Vibration of complimentary colours and colour fields in these works express richness and warmth.

Their abstraction is an invite to pause and enter into the glorious world of colour.

See more here...

Good Eh? - Studio One, Toi Tū  (September 20th - October 15th 2017)

Māpura Studios celebrates differing perceptions in a multimedia installation of light, colour, performance and sound. The viewer is invited to sit down, reflect, to put themselves in the artist’s shoes and to collaborate in an artwork that explores the politics of communication. Engaging in a creative process that is dynamic, fabulously playful and yet deeply familiar to us all.

Good eh?     For more info and images here.....

Panel Discussion - Unconcious Bias (Wednesday 4th October 2017)

As a group Māpura wonders how we can dissolve the unthinking divisions between our artists and their communities that are physically close yet often emotionally remote. Divisions that are as powerful as they are silent.
More info:

Māpura Studios Open Day 2017 (Saturday 30th September 2017)

Thank you to all who came to our Open Day and supported Māpura Studios. We had a fantastic day with awesome Artwork, Food, Coffee, Dance, Giant Games, Music, Sausage Sizzle, Raffles, Workshops, Bouncy Castle, Face Painting and More....

Click here for Open Day Images....

Māpura: on the outside, but you are welcome! Waiheke Community Art Gallery
(August 25th - September 18 2017)

Māpura Studios is an outsider art studio for artists living with diversity and disability. We have a broad range of programmes across many media including music, movement, poetry and the visual arts. The ideas of many of our artists are outside the orthodox channels of thought which allows their work to reach formal solutions that are challenging and unique.


 Māpura Annual Charity Auction 201 (Monday 22nd May)

A great big thank you to all who participated in our Silent and Live Art Auction at Pah Homestead in support of the work of Māpura Studios.

Congratulations to all the winning bidders who took home some beautiful artwork by renowned New Zealand artists and our own Māpura artists.

Auction, photos, video and artworks here...


Image: Virginia King Little Orb

"Inclusion" at Mairangi Arts Centre  (15th March - 2nd April 2017)

 Exhibition by Māpura Studios Students & Staff
‘Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.’ -Confucius

Auckland Arts Festival - White Night, Greenwoods Corner

 The popular, free, late-night arts party returned on Saturday 18th March, 6pm to midnight.

Greenwoods Kitchen, on Greenwoods Corner, Epsom took part in the celebrations, hosting artworks by Māpura Artists for the night and continuing the exhibition for 2 weeks. Greenwoods Corner is on  on the White Nights Trail. 


Mapura Artists' Christmas Party 2016
Pizza,strawberries, music, dancing and singing!!!
Fabulous fun was had by all our artists and tutors at our 2016 Xmas party in December.
Click image for more photos.

Good Shapes Exhibition at Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Trust Arts Centre (7th Nov 2016- 15th Jan 2017)
Somewhere between the known and the unknown, the seen and the unseen, there can be an understanding of form that can only be expressed emotionally. Māpura Studios presented five artists with extreme emotional intelligence heightened by  creative thinking.

Attitude Art Awards & Mapura Studios Silent Auction Evening (29th November)
at ASB Stadium....
Māpura Studios silent auction was a feature of the Attitude TV Awards. There was Excitement and heartfelt moments at the black-tie gathering to celebrate the achievements of Kiwis living with disability.

Mapura Studios Grand Gala Open Day (Saturday 15th October)
We had a fantastic day, family fun for everyone! There was rain and sunshine and plenty of fun for all, great art workshops, Circability Circus performances, yummy food, games, a bouncy castle, plenty of music and awesome affordable artworks for sale by Mapura students.
Click image for more photos.

So Much There Is at Studio One Toi Tū (25th August -15th September)
So Much There Is  represented a living experience of art at Māpura Studios. The show demonstrated the rich diversity of our community inclusive of age, gender, physical and mental disability. How we are profoundly different from each other and yet united through creativity and human experience.

Charity Auction at Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre

Māpura Studios and the Rotary Clubs of Mt Eden and Epsom hosted an art auction on 28 May 2016 at Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre in support of Māpura's Stroke Art Therapy Programme and featuring works by renowned New Zealand artists.

International Women’s day at CCS disability centre, Royal Oak, Auckland, NZ

white nights2016.jpg

White Nights at Greenwoods Corner


womens day 2015.jpg

International Women’s day at CCS disability centre, Royal Oak, Auckland, NZ



Hush and Hum, The Pah Homestead, Auckland, NZ

energy uptake.jpg

Energy Uptake, Mairangi Arts Centre, Auckland, NZ


Open day 2015.jpg

Māpura Open Day, Māpura Studios, Auckland, NZ

From Here to There.jpg

From Here to There, Studio One, Auckland, NZ


Diversity Week, Victoria Park, Auckland, NZ



Women Artists, Disability Centre Royal Oak, Auckland, NZ
Kaleidoscope, Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland, NZ
5 Perspectives, Northart, Auckland, NZ
Visual Perceptions, The Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre, Auckland, NZ
Inclusions, Studio One, Auckland, NZ
Attitude TV Awards Auction, Viaduct Event Centre, Auckland, NZ
Spark Open Day, Spark Centre, Auckland, NZ


Attitude TV Awards Auction, Viaduct Event Centre, Auckland, NZ
YMCA, Auckland, NZ
Recent paintings, Albert Eden Local Board, Auckland, NZ
Memory, Artstation, Auckland, NZ
Dialect, Mairangi Bay Arts Centre, Auckland, NZ
Perspectives, Big Event, ASB Showgrounds, Auckland NZ


from here to there, Pah Homestead, Auckland, NZ
Attitude TV Awards Auction, Viaduct Event Centre, Auckland, NZ
Spark Open Day, Spark Centre, Auckland, NZ
John Penman-Retrospective, Disability Resource Centre, Auckland, NZ,
Collective Conversations, Artstation, Auckland, NZ


Attitude TV Awards Auction, Viaduct Event Centre, Auckland, NZ
Recent Painting, Albert Eden Local Board, Auckland, NZ
Spark Studio Open Day, Spark Studio, Auckland, NZ


Portrait Speaks, Disability Resource Centre, Auckland, NZ
Interwoven, Spark Studio, Auckland
Diverse View, Artstation, Auckland, NZ


Community & Self, Northart, Auckland, NZ
Small Windows Big Impressions, Roar Gallery, Wellington, NZ
Can this really happen, Spark Studio, Auckland, NZ


I Speak, Corbans Estate gallery, Auckland, NZ


I tell my story, BNZ Foyer, Aotea Centre, The Edge, Auckland, NZ