Studio Practice


Term 1, Jan 29 — April 10 (11 weeks)
Term 2, May 1 — July 3 (10 weeks)
Term 3, July 24 — Sep 25 (10 weeks)
Term 4, Oct 16 — Dec 11 (9 weeks)

Tutors: Cath O’Brien, Tim Danko

Cost: $290 for 10 weeks

Enquiries & enrolments
Contact: Alex McPherson
P: 09 845 5361 

Studio Practice is aimed at our more experienced, long-term artists. They work in a self directed manner, identifying and developing ideas of their own choosing; they are encouraged to gather resources and undertake simple research towards their work. Many of the artists become very enthused about this – and are dedicated in their research, exploring new ideas and ways of working not only in the studio but at home.

Much of their work reflects their personal experience and unique perceptions of life. They are encouraged in individualistic styles of working – and are introduced to elements of contemporary art practice. Many artists write accompanying narrations to their work – sometimes this verse is included within their imagery.

Tutors assist artists to consider their work and discuss their ideas, to set personal goals and to write artist statements to accompany their work when exhibited.  The sense of companionship and sharing of their art making process is an important feature of this programme – as is the achievement of successfully producing considered work that holds meaning for each artist. As in all Mapura Studios programmes, this very much concerns the sheer enjoyment of the creative process.

The group feels like a family and it makes me feel happy. It makes me feel happier to be here. It gives me a happier life
— Salome Moeuga