Our programmes

Important Dates for 2019

Term One: Tue 29 Jan - Fri 12 April
(11 weeks)
Term Two: Mon 29 April - Fri 5 July
(10 weeks)
Term Three: Mon 22 July - Fri 27 Sept
(10 weeks)
Term Four: Mon 14 Oct - Fri 13 Dec
(9 weeks)

Please note: Māpura Studios welcomes enrolments at any point during a term.

Māpura Studios offers innovative art programmes for children, teens and adults of all abilities, with particular care given to ensuring those with diverse needs are provided for.

Each programme consists of approximately 10 sessions which mirror the New Zealand school term structure. Any person of any background and life experience who is interested in developing their creativity is welcome. Enrolments are possible at any point during a term.

The sessions provide a learning process in many genres of arts education especially orientated to the requirements and circumstances of our artists; they also promote and encourage self-development through the vehicle of creative expression.

Below is a list of our core classes. Click on the green links for more information.

During the enrolment process, we work to place an individual into a programme that best suits them. Contact us to discuss the best options (info@mapurastudios.org.nz or Ph 09 845 5361).

Or you can register your interest online and we will contact you with more information.

If you can't print and scan to email in your enrolment form, please email alex@mapurastudios.org.nz for a digital version that you can fill in and email.

An open studio cartooning group focusing on comics and illustration.This course will enable the students to focus on their own imagery and ideas and develop the skills to pursue these ideas into completed form, either as finished self-published zine / comic books or shared with the wider world through digital media.

This collaborative, “give it a go” programme is open to all ages and abilities. No previous musical experience or skill is necessary. Voice, soul, instinct, melody, rhythm, repetition and variation expressed using simple traditional instruments alongside absolutely anything that can make a sound. 

This group is designed for primary-aged children from neighbourhood schools. Young artists can explore different media, including painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture, and embark on a journey of artistic discovery.

A rewarding introductory programme aimed at youth and adults who want to learn a range of art making processes and mediums: painting, drawing, 3-D, printmaking and clay-work. Artists are assisted by tutors to explore and research their own ideas and topics of interest, and to share their work with the group.

This programme is aimed at our more experienced artists. They work in a self-directed manner, identifying and developing ideas of their own choosing; they are encouraged to gather resources and undertake simple research in regard to their work.

Suitable for new and returning artists, The Open Studio’s provide a simple, dynamic format for art activities. In a supportive, empathetic learning environment, artists develop creative community while they are involved in meaningful creative industry. 

A structured in-depth art therapy programme for people who have experienced a stroke and who wish to engage in a person-centred, therapeutic group process.

The basis of art therapy is to utilise creative resource to bring about healing and effective rehabilitation.

Programmes are held at St Lukes and South Auckland.

A focused programme that continues to support people making the transition from the arts therapy programme.

It involves regular group connecting, ongoing conversations re rehabilitation – and an introduction to foundation skills in painting and drawing.

Techniques and use of media, art vocabulary and methodology, are introduced and expanded.

A supportive, instructive and stimulating environment for people living with stroke-affect (or similar disability), to develop a strong visual arts practice.

The art making process, and being part of a creative community, offer participants the opportunity to regain motivation, and to grow a sense of new identity and purpose.

In this innovative programme we use music, ‘dance-movement’ and rhythm with visual art, to encourage participants to use their imagination to extend their body beyond what they think is possible. This programme is particularly beneficial for people in wheelchairs or living with physical impairment.

Aimed at teenagers of all abilities aged 12 years plus. A supportive and safe environment is provided for teens to form sound and healthy relationships with one another and to share and explore their creative ideas.

This group is designed for school-aged children with special needs, especially ASD. Using an organic approach to learning and group activity, the facilitators take the lead from each child encouraging them to make their own decisions and to follow their own topics of interest.

Allowing young people to express themselves creatively can increase self-esteem, communication and art abilities and also have lots of fun!

This programme will provide a safe and supportive environment, specifically tailored to the individual needs and abilities of each person in the group.

This is held at Pukekohe Youth Centre.

This is a Creative Class in Orewa for people wanting to express themselves through art making and finding their own visual voice. The class is designed for  participants who have either experienced some stress or trauma such as aphasia or loss.

Students will be taught a range of modalities print, paint, drawing and sculpture. No previous experience is necessary.

This programme provides a supportive, instructive and stimulating environment for people living with stroke-affect, Parkinsons, or other special needs to develop visual arts skills.
At INRF - Integrated Neurological Rehabilitation Foundation, in Henderson, West Auckland

An open studio art group for everybody of all ages and abilities; particular provision is made for those with autism and other special needs.

A safe environment is provided to form supportive relationships with one another – and to share and explore creative ideas.

These sessions are held at PHAB Clubrooms, Takapuna, North Shore.

This is a group focusing on comics and illustration where students will experience the possibilities of combining image and text, character development, and creating humour through drawing from personal experience. Students will then develop visual storytelling skills, creating a narrative around comic characters they have developed whilst working towards producing a finished comic story.

These classes are held in collaboration with: TE ROOPU TAURIMA
Class location:
Te Rito Community Centre
7 Piki Thompson Way, Otahuhu


The class is family friendly and encourages all existing and new students to partake in working towards a performance created entirely by the group, whether you want to exercise your dance or acting abilities, or have some valuable family time together.

 Students will create a play, write the story and characters, make costumes and scenery, enjoy music and acting all working towards a performance.


Making art at Māpura Studios is a great way
to deal with what life dishes out.
— Allyson Hamblett