Enrolments welcome any time
Fees: $225 for 10-week term
(materials included)

Term 1, Jan 31 - April 11 (11 weeks)
Term 2, May 2 - July 4 (10 weeks)
Term 3, July 25 - Sept 26 (10 weeks)
Term 4, Oct 17 - Dec 12 (9 weeks)

Tutors: Tim Danko

Enquiries & enrolments
Contact: Alex McPherson
P: 09 845 5361 


This is an open studio cartooning group focusing on comics and illustration where students will experience the possibilities of combining image and text, character development, and creating humour through drawing from personal experience. Students will then develop visual storytelling skills, creating a narrative around comic characters they have developed whilst working towards producing a finished comic story. This course will enable the students to focus on their own imagery and ideas and develop the skills to pursue these ideas into completed form, either as finished self-published zine / comic books or shared with the wider world through digital media.

Each session will combine development exercises, collaborative group work and tutoring on individual projects in a safe and fun environment.  

The course will cover the languages and symbols of comics. It will include different genres and possibilities such as autobiographical comics, experimental/abstract comics, comics journalism, as well as more traditional comic forms of gag strips, superheroes and manga. We will teach and utilise a wide range of tools & techniques in creating comics, from basic drawing with pencils/pens/pastels to printmaking & painting. A big part of comics is being able to reproduce them and the course would include creative photocopying, scanning & digital manipulation as well as layout & design of finished comics and books. 

The course is open to people of all abilities & ages. It will provide a collaborative and empowering space for the creation & sharing of an expanded comic art form. It will tell the stories of its participants and give them a real presence and voice in the world.