In art-making we have incredible freedom to do what we want. We choose the ideas, what the ideas are made with, how they are made, and what their purpose is.

Having fun and being relaxed in the studio is really important. We set up a welcoming and inclusive environment where every voice and idea is listened to with respect and interest.

While techniques are taught the emphasis is on self-expression, and freedom of creativity.

Students will explore their ideas in a variety of mediums. From paint, pencil, pastel, printmaking and clay through sculpture and collage.


Tutor: Alex McPherson

Kids Art Club


Term 1, Feb 12 — April 9 ( 9 weeks) Term 2, April 30 — July 2 (10 weeks)
Term 3, July 23 — Sep 24 (10 weeks) Term 4, Oct 15 — Dec 10 (9 weeks)

Enquiries & enrolments
Contact: Alex McPherson

P: 09 845 5361

Techniques: covering Conceptual Drawing, Observational Drawing Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking

Drawing: Mark making, Gesture, Contour, Cross-contour, Positive/Negative Space

Ideas: Collaboration, 2D/3D Media, Conceptual/Observational Drawing, Wet/Dry Media